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Introduction laminate runner


ReHeng runner is China's first self-developed
auto-piece mold hot runner systems company,
constant heat in the most stable and most matu
re product into the plastic structure satisfies any


STS Series


1.STS system STS08, STS10, STS12, STS14,
STS16 and other models, hot Tsui minimum 8MM,
 minimum heat nozzle spacing 10MM;
2.STS Series Nozzles all imported from Germany,


Constant hot runner to provide customers with one-stop service: customer training, and maintenanceand after-sale technical support, full technical one professional guidance!

Support hotline:86-769-85102810    QQ: 2851011831


Dongguan City of ReHeng injection Technology Co., Ltd


Dongguan City of ReHeng injection Technology Co., Ltd.
is a professional manufacturer of injection mold hot runn
er systems business, since founded in 2005Since, it is
committed to the development,design, production of hot
runner, has now become a global professional supplier
of hotrunner systems, China's top heatRoad


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